Monday, May 25, 2009

Not Just Us Walking Free

Charles, these posts are quiet, observant of your explicitly expressed desire that I examine these realities on my own blog, and these have NOT been emailed to any people. None. If someone finds this blog, its by accident...

Because as strange as it may seem, freedom-loving people see that what we want to apply to US must be applied BY us to others, namely "There is NO coercion if the Faith of God" so you are entitled to respect and courtesy afforded all other humans.

Even the humans arrested by the Iranian mullah-government and imprisoned in the infamous Evin Prison for their beliefs, primarily their beliefs that the al-Qaim and al-Mahdi HAVE COME in the Persons of the Bab and Baha'u'llah.

If aligning WITH the mullahs and imams who say "No, no Holy Messenger from God has come since Muhammad!" is part of a larger strategy for you and LGF, we would love to hear more of that strategy, inasmuch as PUBLICLY denouncing those misogynist-mullahs at LGF would SEEM to be more appropriate.

After all, do you SERIOUSLY believe that whole groups of Baha'is, charged BY their Godhead to be obedient to the government of their nations, have been totally disrespectful of those Teachings and, in the Cradle of the Faith, begun 'spying for Israel' ??

Out of all that Ahmadi-nejad says and does, do you think THIS governmental report is somehow TRUE ??

Allowing the public, on-blog examination of these and other aspects of the fulfillment of Jewish, Christian and Islamic prophecies would be a powerful weapon in our battle to eradicate ignorance, prejudice and unjust imprisonment for people no matter where they are!

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