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May 23, 1844 Revisited (to Icarus Johnson, Blog Owner de Luxe)

From a Comment May 23, 2009 CE at LGF

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Devotion to Islam requires its follower to be militantly anti other religions. Mohammad was a warrior. Islams prophet, its messiah, was a blood thirsty warrior. That isnt my perception, its fact. It isnt my anti Islam thoughts surfacing. Its fact. Other religions have three choices in the face of the truly devout muslim. 1. Submit. 2. Die. 3. Fight back.

By limiting comments at LGF to the above 3 choices -the logical and all too real options presented by Islam today- dialogue is restricted to only those three options, even if there are more.

But before examining why a blog-owner would choose de facto alignment with mullahs and imams who declare, with every ignorant, power-hungry rant in their mosques, "al-Qaim has not come, but when He does... and al-Mahdi has not come, but when He does..." it could be more informative to examine some of the very real 'coincidences' introduced yesterday, and factually recorded in historical records.

May 23, 1844 saw so many 'coincidences' that it does violence to the concept, the very word 'coincidence' to dismiss these as 'coincidence' but here they are, historical facts presenting us with a chance to discard our biases and EXAMINE THESE with a rational, open mind.

First came 1844 itself, marked by a majority of Spirit-filled Christians world-wide as 'the Year of the Great Expectation' because (among other Scriptural prophecies) it COULD be seen to be fulfilling Jesus' prophetic utterances about the coming of One, like unto the Son of Man. Those 3 promises are recorded in Matthew 24:14, Luke 21:24 and Matthew 24:15.

1844 was the year that 'the time of the gentiles' was fulfilled, the Jewish Diaspora was ended and the Jews once again allowed to live in the Holy Land, after western nations forced the Edict of Toleration on the Caliphate. The Edict was signed and went into effect March 21, 1844. This COULD be seen (no one HAS TO see it) as fulfillment of Jesus' promise.

1844 saw the spreading of the Holy Gospel 'to every nation as a witness', with widespread, systematic missionary work culminating in 1844 when the Gospel was taken, for the first time in history, to every nation of humankind, even taking the light of the Love of God to 'darkest Africa' with David Livingstone, et. alia. This COULD be seen as fulfillment of Jesus' second promise about the coming of One, like unto the son of man, at THAT TIME.

1844 also ended the 2,300-year prophecy known as The Abomination of Desolation, given by the prophet Daniel, and invoked by Jesus of Nazareth, who charged us to 'stand in the holy place' when we consider this promise and its fulfillment. Which CAN BE SEEN to have come to fruition THEN, 1844, thus reinforcing the Christian zeal for the Return of Christ, in His new name (Rev 2:17, 3:12); having a visible body that every eye could see, like Jesus, and speaking with a normal human voice that every ear could hear, like Jesus.

As 1844 continued, a deeply pious religious student in Persia was finishing 40 days of fasting and prayer, in hopes of seeing The Lord, when he paused in the market of Tabriz where, shortly before evening (Muslim) prayers, he was approached by a young man who invited the student home, for refreshment and prayers.

There, at 2 hours and 11 minutes after sunset, May 23, 1260 AH ("...time, times and half-a-time...") the young student listened, awe-struck, as his host answered the questions the student had decided, IN HIS HEART, that he would ask of The Promised Qaim, but he never had a chance to ask them, ere they were answered. The student fell to his knees in tearful adoration of the One in Whose presence he believed himself to be.

At that same moment, around the world in America, Samuel F.B. Morse was -just coincidentally- ending the old world by publicly demonstrating the telegraph, the first electronic communications device and one which sent 'lightnings, from west to east'... and ended forever the world of news at the speed of horse.

That very same night, in a strange coincidence, 'Abdu-l Baha was born, the son of One Who, in but a few years' time, would come to learn the He was the Mahdi, the Promised One of All Religions.

There are more 'coincidences', but you're not dull or in need of repeated pounding. The facts are there for you to investigate, even knowing that we are both uninterested in 'a new religion' even while we demonstrate values closely-aligned with this, the Renewal of the Religion of God.

If we posit, for the sake of discussion, that there IS an All-Knowing, All-Loving Creator Who makes It's will known to humankind approximately once every thousand years or so, then we can see how the Coming of Baha'u'llah, and His Forerunner The Bab, fulfills and proves the words and the hearts of His Chosen Ones, who accepted privation and ridicule and, sometimes, death in order to share true Life with humankind.

In brief, rather than become sidelined by history while waiting for Jesus to come down out of the sky, we become more and more central to the matters of importance today, after recognizing that the Righteousness that is Christ came down out of Heaven, May 23, 1844.

How central? Judge for yourself. The Bab, taking His message to the Muslims and Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians of Iran, raised up such a Community of Followers (the 'i on the end of the word means 'follower of', as in Bab'i and Baha'i: Follower of the Gate, Follower of the Glory) that the Muslim clergy sought to silence Him, just as the Jewish clergy had sought to silence Jesus.

July 9th, in a barrack-yard in Tabriz, He and one believer were hung by the wrists before the hostile gaze of 10,000 citizens and curious onlookers, and readied for execution by the decree of the Muslim clerics. Execution by rifle-squad, they ordered, and (reminiscent of Jesus' ignominious 'hanged from a tree') they ordered that The Bab be executed by Christians, BECAUSE they knew of Islamic traditions stating that when the Holy One came, He would be killed by Muslims!

So when the 750 Armenian Christian riflemen fired, point-blank, intending to kill Him and his follower, it was with shocked surprise that the onlookers watched the gunsmoke blow away to reveal The Bab gone, and the ropes hanging from the walls AND from the wrists of the unscathed follower!

The Christians had done their duty to man's law, and marched out. Muslim riflemen were quickly found and they killed the One promised by Jesus. The mortal remains were cast on the side of a moat and Muslim guards placed over them, so it was only at extreme risk to their own lives that Bab'is retrieved the holy remains and secreted them in safe places...

...during the pogroms carried out against Bab'is, during which 20,000 were killed, men, women & children, often in as brutal and painful a manner as the mullah or imam could devise...

...until the remains could be interred on Mount Carmel, in the Holy Land, which served at that time as the single most disgusting, filthy, abominable region of the Turkish caliphate, and was thus suitable for forcing Baha'u'llah there, in chains, in the late 1800's.

So when today's Iranian government claims Iranian Baha'is are 'spying for Israel' it is a coded reference to THIS. When Iran writes its Islamic constitution to include all Iranians EXCEPT Baha'is, it is because Baha'is -by their very existence, their very obedience to Messengers of God more recent than Muhammad- pose the ONLY Islamic-sanctioned challenge to the imam's and mullah's stranglehold on the hearts and minds of Muslims: the Coming of al-Qaim and al-Mahdi.

If one were to forbid discussion of this ONE CATALYZING ELEMENT of Islam, forbid public discussion of the reality of the possibility that the Promised Ones of Islam have come, one would not only side in this matter with the misogynist, superstitious, anti-science mullahs and imams of Islam, one would be able only to SLOW the advance of the Light, slow the spread of the Glory of God, but not STOP it.

Do I expect you to declare your faith tomorrow? Hardly. But in deference to your position as the creator of a very powerful channel for examination (of reality) and sharing (of observations of reality), it is my sincere hope that you will, prayerfully and determinedly, investigate the events of May 23, 1844 for yourself, and come to see that they are, indeed, too many and too interrelated to be tossed off as 'coincidence'.

Kerry Dean, posting at Little Green Footballs as Karridine

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