Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Musical References, Charles

Charles, your experience as a professional musician puts you in an especially qualified position to comment on the music of some Baha'is, even if you don't endorse what motivated the creation of and devotion to that music.

For instance, the music of Dizzy Gillespie still rocks, even after 60 years!

And you'd be hard-pressed to say Seals & Crofts didn't blaze a path in redefining where popular western music could go, even blown by a Summer Breeze...

The message may not move you, but Dragoman and Smith move, touch and inspire millions, not all of whom are dedicated to the Glory of God.

Using their musical gifts to unite other musicians and singers in this effort to tell the world of the astonishing cruelties and injustices now practiced by the Iranian government could be considered laudable, couldn't it?

The people LIKE Mona, now imprisoned unjustly in Evin Prison, Tehran, are the people we would help imprison by not allowing principled discussion of their plight, the motivations of the Islamic Iranian government in persecuting them, and efforts to free them and others like them languishing in Islamic prisons around the world!

Please, Charles, consider adding your voice to the conversation and the songs seeking freedom and justice for humans around the world.

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